Sabeena Jindal is a NYC artist creating mixed media work layered with vibrant textures in juicy colors featuring numerous pop culture icons. Deeply influenced by memories of summers in India at her grandparents’ ancestral home in a small Indian village; she keeps the patchwork of sensory details she encountered as a child with her till this day. The throngs of people and animals, the vibrant colors, rich textures both ancient and modern all intertwining together to create the inexplicable “serene chaos of life”. All awakening her imagination as to the stories behind every scratch, every splatter, every drip, every crack, every torn piece of paper.

Her goal is to visually stimulate the viewer inviting them to notice a new detail and experience a new emotion each time they see her art – hopefully awakening in them an appreciation of the hidden beauty in the world around us.

Growing up in a rural American town, Sabeena was always made aware of how different she was and thus chooses iconic subjects that unite us and inspire us.

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INSTAGRAM @sabeenajindalart