Date: Fri October 6, 2017

Time: 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

On Friday, October 6th, New York Giant’s own Brandon Marshall will be hosting the third annual Celebrity Ping Pong Tournament at SPiN New York for his charity organization PROJECT 375.

Referred to as Paddle Battle, this event will bring together top athletes, actors and entrepreneurs.   You’ll get to see all of them duel it out on the ping pong tables and what’s even better, is this  event is intended to assist in raising funds to expand the PROJECT PREVENT™ through PROJECT 375.



PROJECT 375 is an extraordinary leader in the mental health space. We are passionately dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness and improving care for those in need.

Without early and effective identification and interventions, childhood disorders can persist and lead to a downward spiral of school failure, poor employment opportunities, and poverty in adulthood. Untreated mental illness may also increase a child’s risk of coming into contact with the juvenile justice system – approximately 70% of children in the juvenile detention have at least one mental disorder. Substance abuse is also linked to untreated mental illness – over 43% of children who use mental health services also have a substance abuse disorder.

PROJECT PREVENT™ is our program designed to prevent and intervene early ensuring safe and productive conversations about mental health and connecting community resources to those in need. Through PROJECT PREVENT™, we respond to the needs of children and adolescents by introducing technology driven support, Mental Fitness Toolkits which provide students with mental health facts and myths, connect them with teen peer to peer groups, contact information for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, volunteer opportunities and more, while also providing parents, teachers and staff members much needed training through Youth Mental Health First Aid. Our goal is to create improved access to care for students most at risk and in need of mental health services, as well as provide a safer, more supportive environment for all youth.